Katy Brown Marketing

Hi. I'm Katy.
I'm a marketing junkie with a penchant for good
humans and quick wit.
Let's chat. 

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Who is Katy?

Katy Brown offers personalized, strategy-first, marketing consulting for companies that want to develop a marketing strategy to authentically connect with audiences, and move people to action. Through exhaustive research and practical methods, Katy is able to authentically connect with her audience and drive results that can't be matched.  Katy helps companies break down marketing strategy by digital platform, adopt best practices, and deliver key guidance to help brands jump start, maintain, and elevate their marketing efforts. And of course, to reach their business goals. 

Throughout the past 19+ years, Katy has built her marketing career serving a wide range of industries, including consulting and publications firms, office furniture, real estate agencies, startups, technology companies, non-profits, restaurants, and a national venture capital firm. Clients have included: Steve Case (founder of AOL), Allsteel, Urban Acres Real Estate, Team Iowa Physical Therapy, Randy’s Flooring, Stoney Creek Hotels, BluPrairie Technologies, David’s Famous Gourmet Frozen Custard, and many more. 


Things Katy Has Had Success Doing:
Team leadership + building
Comprehensive discovery process + Strategic outline development
Promotions + Ad spend management
Mastering a double chocolate chip cookie recipe
Content ideation and creation
Brand relaunch or launch into new markets
Media buying
Finding the best consignment desk at Mad Modern
Public relations support
Strategic marketing + Brand strategy
Brand alignment
Community management
Authoring blogs, newsletters, articles
WordPress: create + maintain
Mentorship + public speaking
Rappelling down a 12-story building
Social + digital analysis/reporting
SEO | all the things!
Relationship management with third-party vendors and partners

Get The Ball Rolling

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What Do Your Friends Call You *
What Do Your Friends Call You

People Say Nice Things

I have had the pleasure of working with Katy Brown and benefiting from her mad digital marketing and social media skills. Her creativity and energy have brought life to many BluPrairie events and activities!
— Michelle Bates, CTO Involta
Katy is a creative and thoughtful leader who has proven she can lead a marketing strategy for established brands as well as start ups. I had the pleasure of witnessing Katy in action while we were both working out of the CoLab in Iowa City. She can lead staff so they are successful and productive and is aware that teamwork is a must!
— Dalayne Williamson, MediRevv
Working with Katy is like having a secret weapon in your back pocket. She has endless energy and provides unique, well-researched solutions that always wow! Katy leads with humor and grace, and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves with her team to get the job done.
— Jennifer Banta, Vice President, Advocacy & External Affairs, Iowa City Chamber of Commerce
Katy is amazingly brilliant, creative and resourceful. It is always a pleasure to work with her - she lights up the room with her energy and humor. Katy’s a talented marketing strategist who utilizes both her experience and research. Also, I’m pretty certain she has a photographic memory - whenever there’s a question or need, she pulls something relevant out of that amazing mind of hers. Katy has strong leadership and business development skills - her ability to relate, listen and summarize what she heard helps to develop meaningful personal and business relationships.
— Laci Lower, One Mission Fundraising