Information For Clever Parents

This month, Matt (my better half) and I presented to a group of parents in a class we designed after a technology scare with one of our own kids. It is called Social Media Safety in a Chaotic World: A Presentation For Clever Parents and we have scheduled a second event for December 4, 2018. Tickets are currently on sale, but selling quickly.

It was an incredible evening of sharing, honesty, and thoughtful dialog on navigating as a parent in a world with evolving technology. It takes a village and we are dedicated to helping fellow parents protect their kids - and themselves - as we navigate this uncharted territory!

Here are some of the websites and apps we talked about in our presentation, all of which we use as a family with 10-14 year olds on devices…constantly. Every. Single. Day.

HaveIBeenPwned: Sign up to be notified when your online accounts are part of a breach. 

LastPass: (desktop + app) Secure PW generator and storage, family plans to share discreetly and safely. 

1Password: (desktop + app) Stores various passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information in a virtual vault. 

Life360: (app) A family networking app that offers a location-based service designed to allow friends or family members to share their location.

Bark! ((app) A parental control phone tracker to help keep kids safer online. It monitors social media, text, and email on devices.

FindMyiPhone or FindDevice (android - make sure to choose the one from Google!)  

Have additional questions? Email me at or send a carrier pigeon to the east side of Iowa City. Seriously, we are here to help.