Stay Here: The Importance of Buying Small

When you spend your money locally, it means more money stays within your community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy. 

That has always struck a chord with me, on a human level as much as being the daughter of a hard-working entrepreneur. Unrelated: I spelled entrepreneur correctly the first time I typed it WITHOUT SPELL CHECK CORRECTING ME. It has taken nearly four decades to master this word on the reg. 

I digress. 

Buy local. Or buy small. There are ample opportunities every day to spend with purpose, rather than without regard to impact. 

Choosing to spend your money at the local coffee shop, as opposed to a national retailer means that the local business owner is able to keep their doors open, bathrooms cleaned, counter staffed, lights on, and WiFi fast. It is easy to order through an app and have your latte ready to go, but your impact is greater when you decide that community means more than convenience. 

Buying local produce reduces your environmental impact, sustains local farmers, and gives you access to fresher, tastier foods. 

Buying small, even from a national online retailer for holiday, birthday, or baby gifts, impacts that business AND its community. Your investment creates lives, not millionaires. 

Things you don't think of right away also have an impact; supporting local consultants (like me!) or local artists. 

As I've gotten older, I've made an effort to curate more items for our home that are a reflection of our style, our community, and from ma and pop type shops. Items that I won't discard without thought, that last longer than one or two seasons. This varies from light fixtures, to wall art, to chairs. 

My latest purchase was from Jan Finlayson, owner of Luxe Interiors. It is a gorgeous walnut tray, handcrafted by Katie Freeman of Freeman Furnishings.  

Katie is a furniture designer who is interested in materials and designs that continually push the boundaries of form, function, and aesthetics with a passion for organic shapes and bold colors. She works in wood, metal, and resin. Her methods characteristically involve utilizing discarded materials, such as trees felled in urban locations, and transforming them both in physical form and visual hue through the use of modern and traditional wood shaping tools and various coloring agents.

The coolest part? Katie sent me a video of my gorgeous piece being made. This brings light to the artistry, craft, and passion that goes into making items. And it is a lovely reminder to me that it is worth it to spend small. Plus, it makes a really great conversation piece. 

How will you spend small today?