Social Media Safety: A Presentation for Clever Parents

Social Media Safety: A Presentation for Clever Parents


Wednesday, September 4th
7 pm
MERGE | 136 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240

It is as important as ever to be a good digital citizen. But what does that mean? For parents, it includes responsible sharing and constant vigilance to keep our kids — and ourselves — safe on the internet. The ever-changing world of social media and online sharing is a tricky parenting situation without a perfect solution.

Join us for a real-life conversation about what in the world kids are up to these days on their smart devices. You'll learn about best practices across all social platforms, which social channel does what, threats, ways to keep your family safe, and recommendations for keeping your finger on things going forward.

This will be an open, honest, fast-paced conversation. We guarantee you will learn at least one thing that will blow your mind.

Bring a friend! Refreshments provided.

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